Christmas Photos

Monday, December 29, 2008

I just wanted to share a couple of family pics we took over Christmas..
Here is a picture of my parents, my sister and her husband, and me, Kelsey and Luke.

Here is a picture of us 3 at Lukes parents house..

I hope everyone had a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Luke assisted a Japanese Cartoon Character!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ok, Im not even going to pretend I know what Anime and Oni-Con is. All I know is there are alot of people out there that do! Kelsey had a volleyball tournament at the George R Brown Convention Center in Houston. Well apparently the other half of the building was being used for an Anime Convention. Anime is a Japanese cartoon, and I guess Oni-Con is this big festival that they have. We started out walking from our parking spot 3 miles away and I walked pass a guy wearing a racoon tail. Strange I thought, but we were in Houston. After that we passed more and more people in costume, all different costumes. I got a little nervous walking through them! I guess people dress up as their favorite anime character?
This guy was a little scary!

A little less scary...


After the tournament was over (around 11pm) Sunday night, we hiked the 3 miles back to our car. While pulling out of the parking lot a girl in a wierd dress and holey pantyhose started waving really big, while the guy next to her wearing a spiked dog collar watched..I told everyone "Look the other way, don't make eye contact!" Well someone looked! Shortly after, "Dog Boy" knocked on Lukes truck window and wanted to know if we could help jump start their car! Apparently cartoon vehicles use batteries too? Well we pulled up beside them and I couldn't resist a few photo opportunities! During this shot (I didnt want to roll my window down) the flash was really bright! Both of them turned around to see what the light was, and Luke started laughing, he knew what I was up to!

Here they are again, not a good quality pic, but I was a little wierded out and didnt want to roll down my window! There costumes were alot milder that most that I saw, but Im sure they masks on at some point!

Eventually the car started and we were all on our way, us back home, and them back to ToonTown!
And that folks is how my Luke assisted a Japanese Cartoon Character!

Hurricane Ike, 3 Months Later...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We went to Kemah a couple of weekends ago. The Kemah Boardwalk was hit pretty hard by Hurricane Ike. Most of the trash was cleaned up and all new landscaping was planted. Most of the rides were still down, and 2 resturants were closed still. The workers at the hotel and resturants were soo appreciative and nice. You could tell business was slow, and they were happy to have us there!
Going into Kemah we spotted this boat, still washed up on its side. In many places, there was trash and household items just floating in the ditch.

Galveston was alot worse, and there was still a whole lot of cleaning up that needed to be done. This is the Flagship Inn, a hotel out on the water. The road to the hotel is completly gone.

This at one point was a giftshop...

I regret not having my camera out the whole time in Galveston. This happened many times, we were driving on a residential street and just out of the blue a HUGE boat would just be sitting there, right on the side of the road!! I was amazing to see. It's hard to even imagine the clean up efforts that happen after a hurricane or other natural disaster.

These are a few of my favorite things...

Friday, December 12, 2008

I decided to post pictures of some of my favorite Christmas things around my house.
This is my absolute favorite Christmas decoration. My grandma gave it to me this year. Im not sure how old it is, but I can remember it being in her house for as long as I remember. I remember as a little girl, looking into the windows. I look forward to sharing this with my children as she shared it with me!

Meet Glitter, my cute reindeer with hangy bead legs. He is too cute!

Isn't this star beautiful! I got it last year at my surprise 30th Birthday party!

My tree is covered in red snowflakes!!

Meet Sookie! She is our outside cat, but Wed when it snowed, I let her come in...all she wanted to do was hang out under the tree!

Our nativity, to remind us all what Christmas is really about..

Aren't these Santa's silly?? The S always falls over, so most of the time its just Anta! Also, I love my red and green birdhouse!

Look at all of those presents!!!

What are your Christmas favorites??? I would Love to see them!!

Introducing my new family...

I've posted many many pictures of my future nieces and nephews, but now is time to introduce you to the rest of my future family. When I marry Luke, I will not only have a wonderful husband, but also a wonderful whole new family!
Here are some pictures of the grown-ups at a family Poker Tournament!
First I will introduce you to the losers! This is Lukes sister Anna and his sister-in-law Naomi. Anna's baby is due in Feb! Im soo excited!

And then here are the winners! Luke's sister-in-law Shelia took the 1st place prize, I got 2nd place and Luke 3rd! We each received many gift cards! Shelia is the mother of my 2 adorable flower girls Leah and Hannah.

This is Lukes brother Barton and his wife Naomi. They have 6 children.

Here are me and Luke. This was my first time to play Texas Hold Em, so 2nd place wasnt too bad!

Here is a picture of Luke and Anna. Her oldest little boy, Paul Joseph, is one of my ring bearers, and Anna is one of my bridesmaids. I am soo excited to have someone like her as a sister-in-law!

This is Kurt, Luke's brother, and Mary, Luke's sister. Kurt is Leah and Hannah's dad (my flower girls) and Mary's little boy Joe is a ring bearer.

Here is a group shot, Shelia, Patsy, which is Luke's mom, Eric, Luke, Barton and Mary.

This is Luke's dad. Such a funny and sweet man, just like his son!

This is Shelia and Patsy, Luke's mom. They are both such sweet and caring people!

Look at all of Shelia's chips!!! She must have practiced for a month before the big day!
What a fun time we had!

Hey Yall it Snowed In Texas!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yes! It snowed yesterday! And I know my cousin in Colorado is laughing that Im soo excited about this, but we never see snow! It was snowing when I left work yesterday and snowed for several hours. I picked up Kelsey and we went to Target (because that is the responsible thing to do when the weather outside is bad).
It was soo cute, there was a family in the parking lot having a snowball fight!
Here are some pics I took last night when we got home and then this morning. Todays high is 65, so all of this beautiful snow will be gone soon.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

On Friday we celebrated Kyleigh making it to the 3rd Floor!!!
Happy Birthday Kyleigh!!
Group Pic!

This was our dessert! YUMMY!!!

Kyleigh wanted a mariachi band for her big day, this is what we came up with. We will call him "CardBoard Carlos" All I know is that he and Kyleigh left the party awfully early, together, alone!!!

The Birthday Girl!

Senior Pictures,well poses anyway...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

We had Thanksgiving at my sisters house on Friday. I guess eating soo much food makes a person start acting goofy because a nice normal family photo turned into these poses that reminded me of my Senior Picture poses, which I will NOT post later.
All I can say is that Luke is such a good sport, he puts up with mine and Kelseys goofyness soo well!

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Hunt

Monday, December 1, 2008

Well for Thanksgiving we had to shoot our own turkey! Just kidding...after Thanksgiving Dinner, Luke and his brothers went and shot guns. Kelsey of course went too. Luke is taking her hunting, so she had to practice! We spent Thanksgiving Day at Lukes parents and then came home for Thanksgiving with my family on Friday.
Here is Luke!

Lukes nephew

Luke and Kelsey, this is the gun she will use to go hunting.

Kelsey wanted to try this one too!

Here is Luke with 2 of his brothers!

Awesome Video

Friday, November 28, 2008

This is an awesome video! It makes me sad every time I watch it!

Just My Luck!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Well my Aunt Elaine and I decide to ride over to a craft show in Madisonville. My friend Denise had a booth there with really cute memory boards! So we loaded up in my car and headed that way. We were almost there, when a DEER ran out in front of me, and there was nothing I could do! I hit it head on! In my new car!

On our way home, Aunt Elaine and I drove on side of the road looking in the ditch for the deer. We found it and got out to look. We were both a little scared of it. (and I was a bit sad too!) It actually had horns and everything! I took a picture of the actual deer to show Luke, but I will spare you all those details!

On the Bright side, I won a door prize, a huge metal sunflower! Anyone collect sunflowers??? Kyleigh?? Anyone???