Opossum In the Opool !!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Kelsey came running in the house yelling that there was a rat in the pool so we all ran outside. It wasn't a rat at all, it was an opossum! And he was swimming some laps!!

And I was all like oh he is soo cute! He looks just like our kitties!!

Then we came face to face and he showed me his teeth!! I didn't think he was so cute anymore!

And then he played OPOSSUM, for real!

Free Kittens to a Loving Home!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our cat Sookie had kittens and they now need a good home!
Two are black with white stripes on their nose and one is striped.
They are still a little camera shy right now!

Meet Rory!!

This is Jackson!

This is Dosey!!

Here are the kittens with their mom Sookie!

Can you tell we are Gilmore Girl fans? That is how we picked the names!

Seaside FL. Our Cottage!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are you tired of Honeymoon pictures yet? Here is a picture of our cottage we stayed in, inside and out. Each cottage (there are no hotels) has a name. Ours was Celebration! How appropriate!

Our Honeymoon, part 2 The houses!

Monday, May 18, 2009

One of my favorite things about Seaside was the houses! They are all soo cute and each seemed to have their own "personality".
We had fun riding bikes around the town looking at all of them!

Our Honeymoon...Seaside FL. around town...

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We are back from our Honeymoon! We decided to go to Seaside FL. What a neat little town! Here are some around town pics!
There was no McDonalds, Applebee's or anything like that..all stores were local stores. We parked our car and only got back in it once the whole time we were there, we walked to everything!

Here was one of the 3 pools...

The street that we stayed on...

The Post Office..isn't it adorable!

Texas BBQ in Florida! It was yummy!!

This was the towns grocery store...pretty much anything you needed could be found here. Most items were on shelves on the wall..If you needed something off of the top shelf, you had to move the ladder over and climb on up there!

Yummy Tacos!

Each beach entrance was different...some looked like light houses, some just pretty designs..

A view from the bookstore balcony...

This was the "farmers market" I waited all week for! I was a little disapointed! Luke thought it was funny that I had gotten myself all worked up for 5 booths!!!

Entrance to the beach...

The main square is wrapped around this grassy area. There is also a stage there where concerts are held.


The local snowcone store! We had at least 1 a day!!

another beach entrance...

Party like its 1989!!! yes 89, not 99..

My wonderful friends threw me a great Bachlorette Party!! We went to the lake and spent all day, and then we went out to a true live Honkey Tonk. no joke. Dressed in 80's clothes!! I had a great time!

Yes, that is a charm necklace I have on. Does anyone remember those???

Shelby was quite the dancer..even broke a heal..somehow she did not manage to break anything doing the WORM though!!

Me in my home made splatter painted shirt!

I told you it was a true live Honkey Tonk! This was the disco boot!

I have been friends with these girls for at least 15 years! That is awesome, or as we said that night RAD!

Courtney and Melissa

Captain Courtney. We put our lives in her hands. Scary. She did good though, except for the one little insident where we got stranded, but other than that...

I had to fill out the poster boards with my favorite 80's things...

Was this sign really necessary?? I would love to hear the story that prompted them to make that sign!

Best Friends Forever! Or until one of us kills the other! :)

The coolest 80's chicks on the Block!!

The group on the boat!