I've Been Tagged...

Friday, February 20, 2009

I was tagged by my friend Erica over at wipingbuttsandcleaningup. Here are the rules...

1. Go to the fourth picture in your computer
2. Post the fourth picture
3. Explain the picture
4. Tag four more people

How funny! Since I just got a new job and computer I have no pictures on here yet, so I went to my kodakgallery to get a picture. This is a picture my sister had sent me a while back. Its a little boy named Christian that she has baby sat since he was a teeny tiny baby, now he is 4! (i think) This is him "collecting" bugs in her back yard! What a cutie!

I have to tag 4 people so here goes! (I think most people have already played!)
1. Kristy
2. Janice
3. Christy
4. Brae

The Grocery Game!!

OK, I did it, I finially joined The Grocery Game! It has been something I have wanted to do for a while, but wanted to wait until I was in Bryan more and had more time...My first trip to the grocery stores saved me at least 50%, and that is figuring the item at its sell price, not original price!
Yes, Im a goober, but I took pictures!
This 1st picture is of my purchases at Walgreens. I paid $16.07 for items that would have cost $33.00. My best buy here was a bottle of Asprin that was worth 4.99, I got it free. I had a coupon that said 1 FREE bottle of Asprin! Also the Lysol toilet bowl cleaner was $2.79, BOGO Free. I had a .50 coupon and then also got a $1.00 in earned bucks.

This is my purchase at CVS. At CVS you earn Extra Care Bucks good towards your next purchase, or whenever you want to use them...Its pretty much like CVS cash..I earned $12.00 in ECB!! My best buy here was probaly the Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner. It was on sale for 2.99 each. I had a coupon to save 1.00 off of 2, so I got each bottle for 1.50, and then I earned 1.00 in ECB for each bottle I bought. If you figure that in, I paid .50 for each bottle! The Venus Razor was on sale for 7.99. I had a coupon for 2.00 off, which brought it to 5.99, and then I got 4.00 in ECB!!!!

Here is some stuff I bought at HEB. I needed hamburger meat, so their Meal Deal worked out perfect for me! I had to buy 2 rolls of meat, and I got beans, cheese, sour cream, tortillas, and taco seasoning for free! Glade air spray was on sale for 1.09 each, I had a coupon for 1.00 off of 2, so I got them for .50 each!

Kroger was my last stop. Kroger triples coupons for up to and including .39 cents. They double coupons up to and including .50. Everything else is at face value. I paid .20 each for these Totinos Pizza Rolls!!! They were on sale for 1.25. I had a .35 coupon, triple that, makes it 1.05, making the pizza rolls .20 a box!!
Also, I paid about .50 for the Grands biscuits!!

It was some work, but worth the savings!!!
When Kelsey got home from school, she called and asked me if she could eat the popcorn and I said yes of course, why. She said it looks like I had a display set up or something! Oops, must have forgotten to "un pose" my purchases!

Chocolate Sparkle or Sprinkle?? Who Knew!

Friday, February 13, 2009

When I went to pick out paint colors for our new house I looked at a book and chose the office and hallway color from the same picture because they looked good together. Wellll when our painter started painting the hallway I kept telling him that the color just didn't look right. I had chose a chocolaty brown color and this on my wall was more of a maroon. Well he sent me to Home Depot to buy more paint, in the color chocolate sprinkle. When I got there I realized I had Chocolate Sparkle on my walls, not chocolate sprinke! Who Knew!! Why would a paint company make 2 names soo close together!! Crazyness!
Anyway the maroon doesnt look bad, so we are keeping it. I know that Luke secretly loves it, he even made the comment that a big aTm would Look great on the wall! Uh, NO!
Anyways, this is the before and after picture of the hallway! Notice the new lighting! I swear all of the lighting fixtures in this house were gold! It was horrible!

Oh, and the couch isnt staying in the hallway! It was just moved there, so we could paint the living room. It is for sale though! Anyone in need of a red Italian leather couch?? Anyone?? Hello?? Did I hear 20 dollars??

My new office

When Luke bought this house, it had a formal living room right next to the dining room seperated by a little cabinet thing...the picture below is taken from the formal living room so its hard to see the whole room.(its the one with carpet). Our plan was to make that room an office. We tore out the cabinet thing, painted, put in a new floor, changed the light fixture, and "stole" 2 feet of dining room to make the office bigger. Except for a few minor things, we are almost done!

This is the room after Luke tore up the carpet:

Here is Luke laying the new wood floor. He did a great job!!

And this is what the office looks like today! My desk is the one up against the window. We still have to move the desk around some, they were moved out from the wall so the trim could be painted. The color I chose for the office looked like more of a brown/tan, but it was actually a green once we got it onto the walls, luckly I liked it! And also I promise the floor doesnt look THAT dusty in person, must have been something with my flash!!

We are still keeping the dining room a dining room, more of those pics soon!

Fur Coat!

A couple of weeks ago my sister met us at the park to take mine and Lukes engagement pictures. It was freezing! Here are a couple of pictures of Harley staying warm in Kristys coat!

Roses are red...

Friday, February 6, 2009

Today is my last day at Scarmardo's Produce so Luke sent me roses and a note telling me to have a Great Last Day at work and to let me know it has almost been a year since we met, man how time flies!!