Awesome Video

Friday, November 28, 2008

This is an awesome video! It makes me sad every time I watch it!

Just My Luck!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Well my Aunt Elaine and I decide to ride over to a craft show in Madisonville. My friend Denise had a booth there with really cute memory boards! So we loaded up in my car and headed that way. We were almost there, when a DEER ran out in front of me, and there was nothing I could do! I hit it head on! In my new car!

On our way home, Aunt Elaine and I drove on side of the road looking in the ditch for the deer. We found it and got out to look. We were both a little scared of it. (and I was a bit sad too!) It actually had horns and everything! I took a picture of the actual deer to show Luke, but I will spare you all those details!

On the Bright side, I won a door prize, a huge metal sunflower! Anyone collect sunflowers??? Kyleigh?? Anyone???

Life Is Like a Box of Chocolates, You never Know What Your Going To Get!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Couple of weeks ago on our way home from Lukes parents, we stopped at the Russell Stover store! We've driven by it many times,and finally decided to check it out! Not only did they have rows and rows of chocolate, but they had Blue Bell Ice Cream too! So we all got a scoop (or two)!

Kelsey gives it a thumbs up!

Here is me and Kelsey enjoying our Ice Cream outside the store!

Spending time with Kelsey and Luke surrounded by candy and ice cream, can it get any better??

Aisles, and Aisles of Candy and more Candy!

We managed to leave without buying too much! We did get chocolate covered Sunflower seeds. I've never had those before, but let me tell you, they are awesome!! I also got PEZ refills. Do yall know what Im talking about? Those little plastic things and when you lift the head a little candy comes out...I don't waste my time buying the actual toy, I just go straight for the refill packs. I love those pure sugar little candies!!

Recommended Reading

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Honeymoon Help!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could go on my Honeymoon??
Im looking for somewhere beachy, but other than that Im clueless!
What is your favorite travel destination? Where should I absolutly Not go?

October Randomness

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

October has been a busy month for us, going here, there and everywhere! I managed to capture some of the moments with my camera...
Here is a picture of us eating after Lukes grandma's funeral. In the white is his sweet sister Anna.

These two were absolutly made for eachother!

Kelsey and I doing what we do best, being silly!

Ok, let me clarify...this is not my bedspread! It is that of a hotel we had to stay in when we went to Shiner TX for Lukes grandmas funeral...

That is Paul Jofus (as Emma says) in the red! He is our star soccer player!

I should know by now NOT to tell Emma to smile! Here she is with her cousins Leah and Hannah. Three little princesses in my eyes!

Aggie Football!

Well my first season of Aggie football is almost over. I've enjoyed spending time with Luke doing what he loves! Football, sun, snowcones, popcorn, and tent sales and time with family and friends! Could it get any better!
Kelsey and I, true tailgaters!

Here is Kelsey worn out! Too much Football for this girl!

Kelsey and Sabrina being silly!

Brandy & Luke!!!

BFF's forever and ever!!!


Brandy & Sabrina!

Kelsey and her sports!

October has been a very busy month! Kelsey always keeps me busy with her sports!
Here is Kelsey playing volleyball, she jumps just like her momma. HA-HA

My little Cheerleader! Isn't she cute!

Waiting on the ball...

Check out that serve!

This is Kelsey cheering at the bonfire!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

For Halloween we went over to my sisters for a Halloween Party! Luke, Kelsey and I decided to dress in my favorite theme, The 80's!

Here is Kristy. She started the night as a cute witch, as the night went on, she started to look more like Amy Winehouse!

Isnt Kelsey a cute 80's girl!

Kyleigh and Ethan stopped by!