Yard Sale!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's kinda early, but I wanted to announce a Yard Sale on April 10th and 11th!!
Since I am getting married, I have a whole house full of stuff to sale. Also my cousin, future sister-in-law, and sister will all have tons of stuff too!
We will have tons of mens, women, childrens, and baby clothes. Household items and decorations, kitchenware-from measuring cups to stove and refrigerator, plenty of furniture from the rest of the house too! toys and books, and anything else you can imagine!
Hope to see you there! Email me for the address...I didn't want to post it online!

My Bridal Shower

Monday, March 23, 2009

Yesterday my dear friends threw me a Bridal Shower at the Brazos Center in Bryan. Luke and I got many great gifts! We really appreciate it! It was great to get to see and visit with everyone, especially my friends I haven't seen in forever!!

Sooo much going on...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lots has happened since last time I blogged...I changed jobs and started working for Lukes roofing company. This has kept me VERY busy, no Facebook or Blog time! So many things have happened to my online friends that I wasnt even aware of!
I've been wedding planning like crazy, and probaly acting a little crazy at it! Im downn to a month and a half and have soo much left to do! Because Im spending so much time working at Lukes, I didn't like that Kelsey was home by herself after school so much, SO I checked her out of school and she comes with me in the mornings and is finishing up 7th grade using the Alpha Omega homeschool program.
The painter finially finished Lukes/my future house.
Kelsey turned 13 yesterday!
I will do "break-down" post of all of these, just wanted to give a little summary!!

Our Wedding Website

It has been forever since I've posted! Thanks for the reminder Hayley!
I would like to share my wedding website with you all! I started it a
while back, but its updated now!