Your face is going to stick like that!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Check out these faces I got when I asked my nieces and nephews to pose for pictures!!! Even with silly faces, aren't they cute!?!?

Sorry Boys, Basketball is for Girls!

Kelsey attended the Acie Law basketball camp today. Kelsey was a big fan of Acie's when he played basketball at A&M, and now he plays for the Atlanta Hawks. Kelsey and her cousin Ashlynn were the only girls there, out of over 100 kids. At the end they passed out awards for each age group! When he announced the 13's winner he said "And She DOMINATED the 13 year olds, Kelsey!" Yea to my daughter for shooting better than all of those boys!!!

Night out on the town...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Here are a couple of pics of us on our honeymoon, going out to eat.

Seaside FL Beach! Beautiful!!

I am posting beach pictures. The pictures do the beach no was wonderful. The water was clean and clear! You could walk out really far and it was still only to your knees!

This is just beautiful!!

The Newlyweds!

Me, being attacked by a wave!

My wonderful husband!

A view of the beach from the water.


Me, trying to get a suntan!!

Another day at the beach!

Walking to the beach...

Seaside FL The Truman House

Have you ever seen The Truman Show with Jim Carey?? It was actually filmed in Seaside! Here are some pictures of the Truman house where the movie was filmed!
Please look past the pic of me in my swimsuit cover up! Not very flattering!

More Honeymoon pics...Fudpuckers

Yes, Im still posting Honeymoon pics a month later, but for one, my computer quit letting me access my log on, so I couldn't upload any pics, second of all, I've just been to lazy to figure out how to fix it! :)
One of the places we ate at in Destin was Fudpuckers! Since it was lunch, Luke and I shared this big tropical drink and a seafood combo platter! I ate more seafood that week that I probaly have in my entire week!
After we ate, you could buy alligator food, 3 pieces for 2.00! Which turned out to be the same dog treats I give my dog when he goes potty! Anyway we fed the gators, which was kinda fun....

Here is a pic of two Honeymooners that didn't make it out alive!