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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Saylor standing up in her bed!

In July Luke and I, along with Lukes brother Kurt and his wife Sheila took a trip to Cancun for our friends Rob & Heathers wedding! It was a great trip!
This was a small island we took a boat over to. Isla Mujueres I think was the name..it was a small quant little place and I really enjoyed it!

Kurt and a very pregnant Sheila! Baby Kyleigh was born in September!

Look at that beautiful water! AND THE DOLPHIN!!!

Check out my SUN-STACHE!!! I think I got a little too much sun! Im always the person getting burnt because I always think Im dark, why do I need sunscreen!

The newlyweds! It was a beautiful beach wedding!!

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Stephanie said...

It's so lovely to see an update from you here :-)